Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Business is Booming!!!

So happy to say that things are really picking up.  I have been able to sell my bows to two boutiques here in town, a large cheer squad in Wichita Falls, and tons of people at an event held this weekend were I made custom bows  on the spot.  That was super fun!!! I had a great time meeting new people and really finding out what the demographic is on these bows.  I specialize in funky, over the top hairbows and the teens really love them.  Especially in their school colors. I am having a blast.  Of course, my house looks a bit frightening and the laundry really needs to be done, but right now, I don't even care.  What a wonderful way to work through the grief of losing my mother a couple of months ago.  I am going to visit a girl friend this weekend and we are going to make bows and take tons of photos.  Look out Etsy here we come.  Hope my fabulous followers are having a wonderful, cool, week.  Wooh, 105 here in Texas.  Steamy hot.